Beach house in northern Brittany

From Brest to Morlaix, Brittany is full of magical and unique places with historical value. Visit islands or nature from this beach house in northern Brittany.

The sea or the sea side

Visit the sea side or one of the numerous islands. Various shipping company will offer you those stops: Maison-en-Bretagne-nordPenn Ar Bed : Trips to the islands of Ouessant, Molène and Sein. or Tel: 02 98 80 80 80 Finist’mer : Crossing to Ouessant and Molène and sea trips. Discover Molène by boat (and meet the seals and dolphins). Tel: 0825 135 235 Vedettes des Abers : Boat trip on the Aber Wrach, Aber Benoit untill the “île Vierge” and its visit of the lighthouse (highest in Europe). Sea fishing, hiking, and eating on the boat. Tel:02 98 04 74 94 Boat to “île de Batz”: To visit the “île de Batz” and cross or to have a boat trip. 02 98 61 75 47 The Brestoâ : Water travel Brest-Le Fret and boat trip in the “Rade de Brest”, or to Camaret. Tel:07 78 37 03 23 Vedettes Azénor: Discover the Decouvertes the seabed in the “rade de brest” and lunch on the boat. Tel:02 98 41 46 23 Océanopolis: In Brest, Océanopolis will offer you a unique discovery of oceans and sea life. 10 000 animals living and different eco systems (polar, tropical, tempered climate…) Discover the magic of those marine universe! Tel:02 98 34 4040

Culture et Héritage

Fonds Culturel Leclerc: Please visit this art center. It the same standard than the ones in Paris. Tel:02 29 62 47 48 Château de Kerjean: A  Renaissance castle to visit in  Saint Vougay. Tel:02 98 69 93 69 Abbaye de Daoulas : The abbey of Daoulas is unique in Brittany. Tel:02 98 25 84 39 Manoir de Kernault: Historical monument built in the XV century. Tel:02 98 71 90 60 Domaine de Trévarez: Do not miss that. Astonishing. Tel:02 98 26 82 79 Mégalites: Dolmen of Cosquer in Goulven, Menhir of Menoignon in Plounéour Trez., Menhir of Men Marz in Brignogan Chapel: And many other things on the website of the “côte des légendes” :

Beach House in northern Brittany?

What a privilege to have a house in northern Brittany !!